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Описание: модифицированный плагин basevotes, который проигрывает звуки в начале и при окончании голосования.


Добавлены 3 конф. параметра:

// Enable sounds to be played during vote start and end

// -

// Default: "1"

sm_vote_enablesounds "1"

// Sound that is being played when a vote starts. (relative to $basedir/sound/)

// -

// Default: "sourcemod/mapchooser/startyourvoting.mp3"

sm_vote_sound_votestart "sourcemod/mapchooser/startyourvoting.mp3"

// Sound that is being played when a vote ends. (relative to $basedir/sound/)

// -

// Default: "sourcemod/mapchooser/endofvote.mp3"

sm_vote_sound_voteend "sourcemod/mapchooser/endofvote.mp3"

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